Thursday, April 28, 2011

Great Find: Collages and the Group it action

Collages not only look great but break up blog posts that are "picture heavy".  I have made them before with different programs, but wasn't happy with my results in PSE. Here is one I made earlier today (before I learned about the Group it action). It isn't horrible, but the division between pictures isn't unified and the design looks messy (some boxes have the white borders, others do not). I knew there was an easier way out there...leave it to Rita from The Coffee Shop to have an action devoted to collages!. 
 Here is a collage that I made with the Group it action. SO SIMPLE! Want me to show you really quickly? 
1. Open PSE and the template for the collage that you would like to use. I found some great ones at Florabella (you can download for free if you "like" her on Facebook) and June Lily.
 2. Double click the group it action. It will open a dialogue box prompting you to choose your first photo. It will put each photo in its own layer.
3. What is nice about this action in the ability to move your pictures between the layers. Below you can see the shot of Emma Kate is larger than the slot allowed width wise, but perfect height wise. Size the picture to your liking using the corners and hit the green check. You can see that Emma Kate is overlapping the other boxes...don't worry...

4. Double click the group it action again and repeat step 3 for each slot in your collage.

 5. Once they are all inserted, you can play with the layers and arrange them (send back, bring forward, resize a bit) by just double clicking the layers. Make sure they make it to the dotted lines or an overlapping photo will be seen. When you are finished, flatten your image and save. If you flatten and save and see overlapping or an error, it's ok...undo the flattening and fix it, reflatten, and save. Voila!

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