Friday, May 6, 2011

Pencil Sketch

When we bought our first house, my inlaws had a beautiful pencil sketch of it done for us to frame and hang. It was one of my favorite pieces (still is) but we have since moved and the man who did the sketch is no longer doing them, I didn't think I'd ever have one of our current home...until now.

Matt's cousin Caleb shared a tutorial with me that creates a pencil sketch from a photo. I think you can really play around with the oppacity and intensity, but here is where I am so far...
here is a link to the tutorial Caleb sent me...Thanks Caleb!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tutorial: Selective Coloring

As with many of "tutorials", this one is more of an illustration on an action set than a real lesson.
1. Open PSE and the picture you wish to work with.
2. Run the action set, "selective color" {from The Coffeeshop} by double clicking the thumbnail. YOu will be given a screen to tweak and adjust the intensity of the black and white levels. Once pleased, click OK and your photo will now be a Black and White one.
3. You will now have a black and white picture and your cursor will be a brush tip. Click over any area that you wish to color. You can change the intensity of the color by adjusting the opacity (higher opacity = stronger color).