Friday, May 6, 2011

Pencil Sketch

When we bought our first house, my inlaws had a beautiful pencil sketch of it done for us to frame and hang. It was one of my favorite pieces (still is) but we have since moved and the man who did the sketch is no longer doing them, I didn't think I'd ever have one of our current home...until now.

Matt's cousin Caleb shared a tutorial with me that creates a pencil sketch from a photo. I think you can really play around with the oppacity and intensity, but here is where I am so far...
here is a link to the tutorial Caleb sent me...Thanks Caleb!


  1. Just thought I'd come visit! You would love my mom's blog; she's into photography, too! Anyway... I've been so busy lately getting ready for summer break, and now I finally have some time to blog around! Hope you have a great day!

  2. Cool photo! I love playing around with photoshop! P.S- Your blog layout is very cute also :)